The brief was to enable a mobile-first loyalty system that would entice shoppers to buy brands and provide them with an instant, meaningful reward. The system would have to record personal shopper details via instant profiling. Airtime was the preferred offer due to the high occurrence of pre-paid customers in the market.


TMARC, utilising its own IP and pin encryption technology, was able to offer Shoprite a seamless and frictionless system. TMARC integrated all mobile network operators in order to deliver variable denomination airtime within five seconds of redemption. Shopper opt-In and profiling was added to build shopper knowledge for Shoprite and participating brands.


Shoprite has experienced YOY growth since inception of the programme in August 2010 and is now the leading market-share retailer in South Africa. Fully-integrated airtime offers are dispensed within 5 seconds of redemption. Over 21 million mobile numbers have been collected, along with over 86 million data points allowing for targeted re-engagement.

Solving the problem of shopper loyalty

It was clear to us at TMARC that the market required a new solution beyond the traditional loyalty card mechanism. The Earn and Burn model was not going to work across the Shoprite stores in South Africa. The high ocurrence of pre-paid mobile customers in South Africa – 91% of the population – meant that pre-paid airtime was regarded as currency. We knew that airtime could be dispensed instantaneously, at any amount, meaning the consumer can use the reward as soon as it's printed on the till slip. With a seamless and hassle-free user journey the shoppers often repeat due to speed and ease of use. Profiling and opt-In allow for shoppers to be segmented and targeted according to profiles or shopping behaviour. Additional benefits exist to target specific shoppers for other offers such as insurance or loans.