Leading brands looking for authentic connections to consumers and communities have a unique opportunity to partner with New York City's network of 50 farmers markets that together generate more than 100 million annual live event impressions. LOOM Media, the 'smart cities' company within WPP's tenthavenue, has partnered with GrowNYC, the non-profit that runs these markets, to further enable their community enhancement programming across all five boroughs of New York City. Participating brands will benefit from significant signage, awareness and association with the authentic equities offered by the farm-to-table movement embodied by these markets.


Sponsorship of NYC’s Greenmarkets is a unique integrated marketing opportunity of significant scale and value. Loom Media has created an event, content and media platform that provides brand signage year-round at all markets, a powerful presence across NYC akin to a market domination media buy. And Loom is extending the reach and value of a sponsor’s participation beyond the NY market to national audiences via brand feature in "Cooking Farm-to-Table Fresh" content to be distributed via social, digital and publishing partners, inclusion in a seasonal calendar of events, partnering on small business programs to help regional farmers, and an integrated CSR and PR campaign that will further amplify reach and impact.


Participating brands will reach and impact New Yorkers and national audiences with image-enhancing association with the Farm-to-Table movement while further enabling GrowNYC’s good works such as operating NYC’s 65 Greenmarkets and Youthmarkets, building and maintaining 100+ Community Gardens, creating and supporting Grow-to-Learn gardens at NYC Public Schools, increasing access to healthy foods for mid- and low-income consumers, healthy eating education programming, training and technical assistance programs for regional farmers and producers, as well as economic development programming including wholesale distribution, job training and employment opportunities for teens.

Why partner with NYC’s Greenmarkets?

Study after study confirms that consumers today expect (and demand) that brands contribute to bettering our communities. 80% of consumers expect companies to improve social and economic conditions in their communities (Edelman). And brands with high positive impact on people’s lives have 2.5X more brand value (BrandZ). Sponsoring NYC’s Greenmarkets delivers against these important metrics for enlightened brands seeking authentic, valuable connections with consumers and communities.