The brief was to create an engaging mobile experience that encouraged repeat purchase of a pre-defined set of category favourites. The channel had to be available to the vast majority of the population with a set of value exchanges that appealed to the audience at scale. We had to constantly communicate with campaign participants to fuel a sense of inclusion.


Using USSD, TMARC created a seamless mobile journey with zero barrier to entry. Real-time barcode validation ensured relevant product participation and up-to-the-minute analytics. Airtime was implemented as a base-level value exchange and was delivered instantaneously. Redemptions and profile data were used to fuel the SMS re-engagement strategy.


TMARC began the journey with Nestlé by creating a data-harvesting asset that consumers simply enjoyed interacting with. The Choc Drive initiative has occurred every year since 2011 and has entrenched itself in the hearts and minds of consumers. With campaign redemptions of almost 14m and YoY subscribers totalling 5 million, the campaign continues to grow.

Creating assets synonymous with the brand

The success of a campaign relies heavily on the value exchange on offer, the platform on which the initiative is executed and the user experience. When it came to Nestlé Choc Fest, all of these elements were not only catered for but carefully considered. Instant gratification aside, the value exchange needed to be compelling enough to encourage participation at scale. In a country dominated by pre-paid users, airtime remains the currency of choice in this regard. Minor incremental adjustments have been made YoY to the campaign to refresh the mechanic – that's refresh, not reinvent. The adjustments have taken the form of increased levels of re-engagement, to which there is a direct correlation to campaign ROI, as well as the rejuvenation of weekly and grand prizes on offer to the public.