The client’s goal was to increase product awareness, attract new customers to shop online within the Perfect Treats ‘shop in shop’ and ultimately drive an uplift in volume sales. To make the most of the online opportunity, the campaign sought to provoke early purchase and cross purchase, driving cross shop as customers buy into one of the four promoted sectors. Part of the challenge was to quickly establish the correct mix of locations and promote across the long tail of opportunities on the site.


The Cadbury’s ”Perfect Treats” campaign was structured as 4 mini-campaigns: Perfect Treats, Birthday Time, Family Special, Lunchbox. Each one each consisted of a headline banner and defined search terms to drive traffic to a dedicated landing page and create a complete solution to all a customers snacking occasions. Here, irrespective of their route in, shoppers were able to access the full range of promoted products. Combining online sales data with web tracking data enabled both real-time optimisation to be implemented as well as ROI attributable to individual ads.


tenthavenue initiated the project by simple applying the categories and search terms proven through previous work. Both banner locations and terms were refined on a daily basis through the 16-week.

Cross-category reach

With the ability to place banner adverts on any page across the whole site, the ability to leverage cross category opportunities becomes highly executable. Chocolate competes as well as complements the adjacent categories of savoury snacks and soft drinks. It also connects with other occasions driven sales such as cards and gifts. These provide a rich source of search terms and placement opportunities. Combined with arresting graphics, tenthavenue’s technological capability to place, measure and report every individual ad placement allows that cross-category reach to be most effectively leveraged to drive sales uplift.