Coke are synonymous with heavy brand spend at Christmas, and their TV ad signals the start of the season. The client required maximum advantage to be taken of the halo effect of the TV and OOH spend. Furthermore, the connection between the OOH content and in-store offers needed to be made explicit.


The dynamic creative used a clear, simple mix of the OOH creative combined with the Iceland price-stamp, linking the hard-won awareness credentials of both brands. Execution ran for 8 weeks across November and December, switching between two different creatives to cover key products and deals. The ads featured on screens at 85 stores (10% of the total Iceland estate)


In the 80+ stores used within the campaign, significant sales uplift was generated, attributable directly to the screens – as determined through comparison with a matched control set. This success led the client to reinvest in subsequent activity.

Optimising the final metres

Converting expensive OOH and trade spend into sales remains the perennial challenge for brands. Tying presence of digital screens with store shopper and EPOS data allows both initial targeting and campaign ROI to be effectively calculated. As the campaign progresses, under or over performing stores can be identified instantly and action taken.