Build a data-driven campaign to bring the 'Beacon bunny' to life and drive engagement around the Easter period. With a database of audience members ready and waiting, we were to build out various audience types to deliver highly-targeted content to the selected audiences.


We analysed existing competition data to help us better understand our audience. We then segmented this according to buyer lifecycle stages, which allowed us to break up the database into loyalty segments, something that had never been done before. From there, we created custom audiences, which ensured all content was shared with the right people at the right times.


Using a data-driven foundation & multi-channel approach, we introduced the Easter Bunny to 5.8 million people. We turned the brand's Facebook page into a personal account for our bunny, where he shared tailored content with his audience. The 3D videos led to over 100 days of play time and more than 2,200 shares, where his fans gave him a little piece of their timelines.


Over the years, Beacon’s Let The Hunt Begin competition has built up a database of over 7 million unique mobile numbers. Our challenge was to utilise this data to empower the brand and strategy surrounding this year’s campaign. Our aim was to transform the Beacon brand from an occasional treat to an integrated part of the family.