27th February 2019

tenthavenue – senior data scientist/engineer



Helping develop our ETL/ELT processes


tenthavenue is a WPP Group of companies.  This year we’ve gone from being a strategic guidance group function to being more involved in helping our businesses.  The main part of that is in providing a centralised data and tech team for the operating companies to access.


At the moment, the data science team is comprised of two in London, one in Paris, one in South Africa and plans for another in Atlanta.  We are a shared workforce and the remote data scientists provide an on-the-ground link to some of the businesses.


As we’re a relatively new function, we’re currently going through a lot of data flow setup, so what we are currently looking for is a data engineer / scientist for our AWS / Python stack.  We currently utilise a centralised Redshift/Airflow data platform with a range of internal customer maturity; from emailing monthly files in, to be processed by SES through to a near real-time AWS Kinesis stream with around 6000 transaction per minute.


The person would be responsible for helping develop our ETL/ELT processes for our OpCos, and ideally have an interest/experience in advanced analytics too, so as to expand our capabilities and resource across the full range of projects that we’re working on.  On the advanced analytics end, we’re mainly seeing three common themes across the businesses:


  • Consolidation of disparate datasets and subsequent exposure of that data to the right users
  • Optimisation of inventory (what ad should we show, when, and who to)
  • Proof of Value of the campaigns that are run (this ranges from simple CTR to In-store sales)



• A passionate data scientist/analyst/engineer
• Well-rounded across cloud-based analytics, having experience in setting up data ingestion through to building operational predictive systems
• A great communicator, knowing exactly how to collaborate with internal and external clients at varying levels of technical expertise and varying levels of seniority
• An advocate of excellence, never accepting “good enough” and always striving for the best solution (that’s not the most complicated solution)
• Pragmatic in making data and business driven decisions
• Equally happy solving problems with your headphones on as you are solving them at a whiteboard with your teammates


• Primarily lead the new media project (with the support of the team)
• Lead weekly sprint planning, quarterly feature planning and annual roadmap creation
• Evaluate existing technology in the market and asses the value and impact it could have for our businesses
• Constantly looking for ways that technology can service the needs of the tenthavenue group. You will be speaking with everyone including companies with our group, partners and customers. Key will be your ability to partner with peers that own our advertising, content and ecommerce products
• Grow the tenthavenue culture, embodying our entrepreneurial spirit and experimental mindset


• You like to work on projects from start to finish and can describe in detail what was done throughout these projects
• You are hands-on
• You are successful, having produced work/processes/tools that you are incredibly proud of
• You have worked in a fast growth environment where your energy and attitude was key to getting the right things done
• You have built quality reporting suites, predictive analytics and segmentations
• You love a challenge, some of the problems we need to solve are centuries old and we still come up with great solutions

contact info to apply

For more information or to apply, please contact contact.ww@tenthavenue.com