We now have the ability to activate shopper and traveller audiences, currently inaccessible to advertisers.

An activated audience is an extremely valuable one. But how to engage with them? We use a combination of behavioural, transactional and demographic data. We apply data science and technology to pin-point the perfect moments and places to speak to them. And because we value our audiences, we employ data privacy by design, meaning we’re compliant with GDPR and respect our audiences’ digital selves.


As business travellers or vacation travellers, we operate with a different mindset when we travel. Whether operating on someone else’s budget, where time is at a premium, or finally switching off from work for a well-earned break, traveller, this is a captive audience within a well defined context. The key to unlocking it is to engage before, during and after the journey.


We are all shoppers. Whether online or in-store, the purchase of goods and services is a daily activity for most of us. Yet, it is clear that the decision of what exactly to buy is often made very late in the path to purchase. Shoppers are open to influence right up to the point of transaction. Succeeding in engaging them requires an ability to access them at many points along the way.


We live together in phenomenal numbers, all over the world. As citizens of the globe’s towns and metropolises, we constantly seek ways to better our daily lives: physical space, transportation, environment, our health, or simply how we deal with each other – our community. Interrupting our busy lives with communication is difficult, but when the daily experience is changed on any of those dimensions, we are momentarily open to the new.

"We recognise that authentic audiences are dynamic and are constantly changing."