tenthavenue at Cannes 2015: Rupert Day, Global CEO

This year, we at tenthavenue, have pitched ourselves in Cabana 4 just outside the Palais des Festivals. With lots going on all week, we will be distilling down some key activities of our agencies and work. Look for our Award Winners predictions with our data science partner, Black Swan at 5pm CEST every day, kicked off every day with cocktails at 3.30pm CEST (we have a few remaining tickets for Cannes delegates here) as well as what people are really doing at the award shows or after the parties have finished.

So, who is tenthavenue? We’re a WPP company launched in 2011, with the purpose of creating experiences led by the consumer, using our expertise around environments, content and the connected consumer.

So why is now the right time to start talking about tenthavenue now? And why Cannes?

Well apart from the fact Cannes Lions draws major influencers from both brands and agencies that aligns with our partnership business model, it’s a great place to tangibly demonstrate how work with brands, as well as partnering with agencies, to optimise and distribute our creative assets around both the mobile and other environments when consumers are ‘on the move’.

Based upon a detailed understanding of the consumer, tenthavenue builds “mobile first” creative assets that are designed to work across all screens, and then to distribute those assets in an effective and efficient way, allowing us to bring valued content to the consumer with maximum efficiency to the advertiser.

We do this by having an exclusive license or building our own platforms to;

1) Listen to consumers to understand trends, optimise the content based on those trends and the relevant handset or screen in which it is to be consumed, and then…

2) Distribute this with a level of unparalleled targeting and certainty either as one-one or wider media proposition.

Cannes gives us the opportunity to show off these skills in a colourful way to map the Cannes experience for both individuals and audiences. Looking at interests and trends across different segments and times of day.

And of course, the Cannes Lions festival allows us to build off our Cannes entries, to show our skills in an interesting but relevant way, and to then allow us to explain the real business benefits to both clients and their marketing partners of working with us.

So come over and see us.


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