Spafax Networks teams with Nielsen to develop digital OOH index

Spafax Networks in the US has been the subject of a number of press articles in the last week.

The team there have been working over the last few months with a number of research companies to create tools that map, target and measure where different audience segments are during the day. The focus is on understanding consumer intent, which is derived from their location, time of day and activity. The innovative part of this approach is that the audience information goes down to a sub-block city level (based on latitude and longitude) which can then be ascribed to inventory and purchased based on consumer pathing. Ultimately this provides a powerful tool for us to create more precise, efficient media plans as well as laser target content/messages relevant to the consumer’s mood and intent. This leads to a greater level of engagement which will allow us to start developing performance models that are based upon achieving a specific outcome.

The team has aligned with Nielsen to develop a sophisticated calibration to the product, which is what the press release highlights this week. With Nielsen’s experience in the out-of-home space and rigor to their data, they are working with the team to stabilizing a mobile panel from Media Behaviour Institute to create consumer media tendencies while they are on-the-go, through their day. An important added benefit to working with Nielsen is that it is a common currency across all video experiences in the US – whether they are in Television; Video Digital Placed Based Screens. This then provides the ability to connect the video, on-the-go experience to the rest of the media planning process.


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