‘Get set for bubbles’

To support Argos’ new campaign ‘GET SET FOR…’, Kinetic Active and Candyspace created an innovative digital out of home experience that allowed commuters at London Waterloo and Euston stations to compete for bundles of Argos prizes.

The aim was to build awareness as well as capture interactions for the Argos loyalty database –through an opted-in game to win prizes.

The interactive digital out of home campaign, developed specifically for Motion@Waterloo, and Euston invited commuters to play on the screen via a mobile site, which was accessed by their smartphones. Passers-by were encouraged to compete against each other to ‘pop’ Argos’ multi-coloured bubbles as they floated across the massive 40 x 3 metre digital screen.


Using bespoke technology developed by Candyspace, including queuing systems and real-time smartphone-to-screen connections, the team created a stand-alone mobile game, which commuters were able to continue playing all the way home.

The geo-targeting campaign generated a high level of interest, thousands of games plays with 25% returning, almost five times as many mobile ‘takeaway’ plays, and generated positive social interaction.


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