Social Pollen Count Goes Digital

The challenge was to amplify the app to communicate brand uniqueness, drive credibility and product recommendation and make BENADRYL® stand out against the competition.

Over summer 2013, BENADRYL® launched a dynamic, reactive, location-specific digital OOH campaign. Catering to key responsive consumers, a tactical channel mix of OOH, digital and mobile were chosen on their ability to deliver a highly relevant message, not only when the pollen count peaked, but in close proximity to sufferers via heightened geo-targeting; a relief campaign prescribed to the right audience at precisely the right time.


Using Grand Visual’s Open Loop technology to communicate between the Met Office and the Activation Portal, when a query between the two was identified as viable, a notification was whizzed to the agencies at high speed to notify us that a campaign was ready to be launched from the Activation Portal. At the push of a button the Open Loop system instantly advised media owners to release the reserved spots and alert sufferers of hazardous pollen levels in their area… and, of course, raise awareness of BENADRYL®.


The campaign delivered double-digit traffic uplift onto the BENADRYL® website homepage from desktop, mobile and tablet and mobile traffic growth rate of 20% on live dates. It also hit the 150,000 BENADRYL® Social Pollen Count app download target!


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