Paranormal Activity 4

Opening weekend is critical to every box office movie success!

When Paramount challenged Kinetic to manage their mobile campaign for ‘Paranormal Activity 4’, we knew we had do something big that was worthy of capturing attention, something that was so entertaining that people just had to share it, but provided enough information and easy purchase options to boost ticket sales. Taking our inspiration from film’s horror genre, we asked ourselves…‘Just what happens when your phone has a mind of its own…?’

Teaming up with Yahoo!, mNet and MEC, we used a standard mobile ad unit, but applied it in a way that had never been done before.


When Yahoo! users viewed homepage content, their phone’s keyboard would appear to self-activate and type the words ‘All activity has led to this’ into the Yahoo! Search box. This led to sinister search results, resulting in them seeing a chilling, frantic video call from an unknown caller.And then… Well, we won’t ruin the surprise, have a look for yourself.


Once it was revealed to users that it was a promotional advert for Paranormal Activity 4, people were encouraged to visit a mobile site for extended trailers to find out more about the film, or buy tickets at a cinema nearby (utilising location technology).


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