Friends on the Underground

The campaign objective was to make every adult (esp. Men 18-34) a friend of Jack by nurturing a relationship for life.

It did this by delighting commuters by the telling of intimate stories about the product, process, place and especially people in order to transport them, just for a couple of minutes, away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives into the opposing world of Jack Daniel’s.


The campaign was ‘always on’ and every platform and panel was individually chosen, based on audience, to enable Jack Daniel’s to continue to tell their story to the right audience. To keep the campaign fresh, creative was changed every four weeks and each time, a new story was told as a sip of information designed to reveal a portion of the entire brand story. Commuters felt invited – with language, imagery and iconography – to learn more and develop a meaningful understanding and relationship with Jack Daniel’s.

The results? Young, male Underground travellers were more likely to drink Jack Daniel’s than any other whiskey and 19-29 year old males were more likely to recommend Jack Daniel’s than other young adult spirit brand.


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