Animating History

For Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary year, Forward Worldwide helped bring the rich heritage of the Swiss watch company’s business to life in many show-stopping ways.

One of these was an interactive timeline on As part of this project, Forward created an animation detailing the historic travels of the company’s founder across America and Europe in the late 19th century, during which he placed Patek Philippe on the world stage.

The idea for the animation began with a visit to Patek Philippe’s archives in Geneva, where the original, extraordinarily detailed travel journal of Antoine Norbet de Patek is kept for posterity. Using the information in the book – Patek’s emotions during particularly arduous episodes en route, as well as facts and figures of the journey and its success – and framing the whole story around visuals of the pages themselves, Forward worked with Bafta-winning animator, Mikey Please, to create a highly engaging piece that contextualised the early days of Patek Philippe in an innovative age of travel and progress.


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