Cannes 2015: The Future of Out of Home

Mauricio Sabogal, Global CEO, Kinetic Worldwide

So, today sees the Outdoor awards at Cannes Lions, the oldest type of advertising there is (okay, other than word of mouth!). But even though it’s usually classified as a “traditional” medium, I think there is more innovation happening in out of home today than anywhere else in media. Out of home isn’t defined by its past.

So what will define the out of home of the future?

Automation. Automating as much of the media buying process as possible will enable us to deliver more of what can never be automated: creativity, strategy, insights, and innovation.

Mass reach with individual connections. As audiences fragment across platforms and devices, out of home’s ability to deliver mass reach will increase in value—especially when complemented by the individual contact out of home can prompt on mobile or through interactive digital screens.

Dynamic creative. Tailoring digital creative to reflect local environmental conditions or current events will go from being newsworthy to being the norm.

Value for audiences and communities. Municipalities across the world are evolving into smart cities, and out of home is playing an important part in this transformation. Phone booths are becoming wireless hotspots, and bus shelters are hosting small mobile network base stations—just two examples of the benefits out of home will provide to growing numbers of communities.

A focus on people, not posters. The out of home of the future is planned around audiences and their journeys, and includes all the different media those audiences encounter while on the go—yes, billboards but also mobile, social, digital radio, and video. An integrated approach to media strategy will be essential.

This is my vision for the future of out of home, and at Kinetic we’re working to make that future a reality today.


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