BesTV and tenthavenue partner to launch ‘Bestenth Media’

BesTV of SMG and tenthavenue of WPP jointly enter into the mobile internet advertising market place.

Today, Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and WPP jointly announce that BesTV New Media Co. Ltd and tenthavenue will establish the “Bestenth Media (Shanghai) Co. Ltd” which will enter the out of home digital and mobile internet new media advertising market in China.

As a subsidiary listed company of the Shanghai Media Group, BesTV responds promptly to develop the out of home digital and mobile internet new media advertising market upon the recent merger of Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group and Shanghai Media Group. The Vice President of SMG, Mr. Zhang Dazhong said to the reporters that “Riding on the development of the 4G mobile internet and the city urbanization in China, it leads the rapid growth of the out of home digital media advertising business. Following the growth in advertisers’ marketing budgets for the new media advertisements, the newly established Bestenth will focus on the out of home digital and mobile internet advertising solutions which can help the domestic and foreign advertisers to build their own brands and convert to sales.”

The CEO of tenthavenue, Mr. Rupert Day said that: “China is ranked No.2 in the world in terms of total advertising business volume, with an obvious increase in mobile out of home advertising. I am glad to cooperate with the A Stock market’s largest and most dynamic new media company in China. In addition, SMG owns the top two advertising media platforms in China. I do believe that we will have great success in the out of home and mobile advertising business in China.”

The ongoing development of new technology and techniques in China has resulted in big changes to out of home advertising. It can be presented in various out of home media formats and is no longer limited to a single billboard design. According to advertising industry reports, the rapid increase in public transport advertising expenditure in environments such as airports, metros, bus bodies and bus shelters has delivered excellent business growth of 17.5%. Industry experts predict that the business volume of the out of home digital and mobile internet will reach a hundred billion RMB in coming years.

The President of BesTV, Mr. Tao Mingcheng told the reporters that: “With the efforts of past decade, BesTV has become the largest IPTV operator in worldwide. Nowadays, BesTV focusing on home entertainment. In the past year and early this year, we have formed a joint venture company with Microsoft and Disney to explore the XBox game and paid video content business in China. Through a joint effort with the world’s leading advertising and marketing services company, WPP, to develop the out of home and mobile advertising business, we are extending our home entertainment strategy to the area of out of home and mobile internet.”

BesTV’s holding company “Bestenth” has already started to construct total 1,500 High Definition LED interactive screens measuring 32 inches by 55 inches in public bus shelters in Shanghai Puxi region. Along with the presentation of the largest screen network in the out of home TV commercial advertising, Bestenth will apply the AR technology to enhance the interactive user experience. Not only breaking through the single out of home advertising format, it can provide various feasible options to address the advertiser creative ideas. The CEO of Bestenth, Mr. Li Feng said that “Applying with the IP address positioning technology, right advertising content can be displayed in the central business districts and core areas at the right time period. It can successfully achieve the right coverage and reach in the out of home and mobile new media advertising.

BesTV has made use of the IP address positioning and interactive advertising technology to launch the first IPTV new media advertising business in the world seven years ago. It has already achieved over several hundred million new media advertising business revenue. The BesTV holding company “Funshion” is one of the largest internet video content service providers in China. The new media advertising business of BesTV includes four display platforms of TV, computer, mobile and out of home. It has built a solid foundation to explore the new media advertising business.

Based on the network coverage of 1,500 public bus shelters in Shanghai, approximate ten million commuters daily, over 500 city shuttles with free WiFi and public transport service APP, the commuters can access movies, information, Weibo, Wechat and online buying, etc… Bestenth will focus on completing the “Total Coverage of Transit New Media” including public bus, ferry, metro, train and airline in coming years. Through Location Base Services (LBS) and time-fragmented user entertainment, it will create an interesting and cost effective out of home and mobile digital advertising experience through creative, interactive advertisements.


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