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Mauricio Sabogal to join Kinetic as Global CEO

Following the reports in the press yesterday we are delighted to confirm that Mauricio Sabogal is joining Kinetic as the new Global CEO. Mauricio will start with Kinetic the 2nd week of July and will be based in New York.

Mauricio has dedicated more than 25 years of his career to the areas of media and marketing research, and was named “the most powerful Latino in the media agency business” by Advertising Age magazine. In his previous role as Global CEO of BPN (part of IPG Media Brands) Mauricio built a global network which was awarded in its 1st year with more than 15 awards, including two Gold Lions in Cannes, Grand Prix at the Internationalist and Gold in Festival of Media, being IPG Mediabrand’s most awarded agency in global festivals in 2013.

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Meet the players in tenthavenue, a unique communications company.

Mauricio Sabogal, CEO, Kinetic

As the global leader in understanding how brands can connect with people's lifestyles and the environments they are engaging with outside of the home, Kinetic builds effective awareness and opt-in to ensure that the tenthavenue mission can be delivered at scale.

Niall McBain, CEO, Spafax

With the ability to create exceptional entertainment and content experiences, Spafax connects brands and audiences through content, on any channel, ensuring engagement is relevant to the audience journey, as well as the environment and device on which it is being consumed.

Dan Rosen, CEO, Joule

As an expert in mobile strategies, mobile campaign execution and measurement, Joule allows tenthavenue to connect along the consumer journey, between out-of-home experiences and mobile devices, by distributing relevant content and providing engaging experiences.

Simon Hobbs, CEO, Forward

As experts in content strategy, Forward helps clients tell consistent brand stories across multiple channels, working with brands to create fresh, engaging and rich content, throughout the entire planning, creation and publishing processes.

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The tenthavenue mission will be delivered by aligning the strength and expertise of its operating companies with other third party partners. tenthavenue partners are companies in a number of fields where by working together we deliver superior performance and new avenues for clients to reach their consumers.

Our partners come from a number of areas:
Media & Digital Agencies  |  Media Partners  |  Technology Companies

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